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Solar Panel Installation

Helping Florida Become Energy Independent!

Solar panels help offset energy costs by converting sunlight into electricity, which can be used to power your home. With the frequency of blackouts in Florida, solar roofing with a backup battery is perfect for when the power goes out. Other benefits of solar panels include being low maintenance and cost-effective. Above all else, solar panels take advantage of Florida’s copious sunshine and turn it into renewable energy.

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Semper Solaris Gives Back

On Independence Day 2023, The Semper Cares Initiative and its partners give back to a Veteran with a complete solar system.

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Home Battery Storage

Say No To Power Outages Say Yes To Energy Security!

Solar panels handle a lot of heavy lifting while the Sun is out and route any excess power back to the grid. However, a backup battery enables you to store excess energy and use it at night or during emergencies. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and saving on electric bills, solar battery storage is a great way to establish energy independence. A solar system paired with a backup battery is more reliable during emergencies than a solar system alone. Semper Solaris is more than ready to help you harness the full power of the Sun. Book an appointment with our solar experts, or learn more about solar battery storage.

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Complete Roofing Services

Top quality roofing services backed with a 50 year warranty

Your roof is a significant part of your home. Before adding solar paneling to your home, we analyze if your roof can bear their weight. If it can’t, it often means your roof needs repairs or replacing before installing solar panels. Still, having your roof repaired or replaced is a great long-term investment. It saves the hassle of removing solar panels to repair or replace the roof later. More, solar panels add another layer of protection and help extend the life of your roof. The solar experts at Semper Solaris have as much experience repairing and replacing roofs as they do in solar roof installation. Have a chat with our roofing experts today and form the foundation of your energy independence. Or, learn more about roofing.

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The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to provide relief to veterans from high energy costs by awarding them with the security of energy independence. We need the public to help identify these warriors to tell their stories and make a difference in their lives.


Veteran David Fox
“We hire as many veterans as possible”
--Kelly Shawhan. Co-Founder

Meet Sergeant Major David Fox who is Semper's Warehouse Manager. Click here to see his story and various others.

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