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Make The Choice to Go Solar in Tampa, Orlando & Central Florida

The solar experts at Semper Solaris are standing by and ready to help you take full advantage of the abundant sunshine.

At Semper Solaris, we offer a wide range of solar products and services, and are one of the ONLY companies that give you the FREEDOM to CHOOSE where your solar panels come from! Meaning you can choose solar panels made right here in the USA! Most Solar companies would never give you that option. So that means when you choose Semper you're choosing America. You're supporting the country's economy while helping us support our nation's veterans! You won't get a relationship like that anywhere else! We can promise you that!

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Over the Years Semper Solaris Has Won Many Awards

2023 Top Solar + Storage Residential Installer Award
2023 Top Solar
+ Storage
Residential Installer
2022 Top Solar + Storage Residential Installer Award
2022 Top Solar
+ Storage
Residential Installer
2021 Top Solar + Storage Installer Award
2021 Top Solar
+ Storage
Installer Award
2019 Residential Installer of the Year Award
2019 Residential
Installer of the
Year Award
Inc. 5000 Vet 50 2018 award
Inc. 5000
Vet 50 2018
2017 Residential Volume Dealer Of the Year award
2017 Residential
Volume Dealer
of the Year
2016 Residential National Dealer of the Year award
2016 Residential
National Dealer
of the Year
2016 Residential National Top Producer of the Year award
2016 Residential
National Top
Producer of the Year
2015 Residential National Dealer of the Year award
2015 Residential
National Dealer
of the Year
2014 Residential National Rising Star award
2014 Residential
National Rising Star

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Semper Solaris Provides Deserving Veteran with Free Solar Panels

Why You Should Go Solar in FLORIDA?

The benefits of solar panel installation for your home are undeniable. Between hurricanes and other natural disasters, frequent blackouts, and rising energy costs, homeowners across the state are opting for solar roofing. In return, they pay less, save more, and mitigate a loss of power in the event of emergencies.

Sustainable, Renewable Energy
Solar energy is the most abundant natural resource in the world. In Florida, homeowners experience 230+ days of sunshine per year, and close to 70% of Florida's renewable energy comes from the Sun.

Above all else, few things top harnessing the power of the Sun to keep your home running.


Solar panels help to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminating air and water pollution, gas emissions from generators, and various other pollutants.

Greater Property Value
Much like any new roofing or general home repairs, adding solar roofing to your home can increase your property value. With the demand for homes powered by solar energy growing every year, adding solar panels is a great way to increase the value of your home.

This also means you'll receive a greater market value if you ever decide to sell your home.

Energy Bill Savings
A reduced energy bill is one of the most popular reasons why homeowners choose to go solar. With net metering, solar homeowners have even more incentives to save even money if their solar panels generate excess electricity.

Long-Term Savings
Solar panels are a low-risk, long-term financial investment, with an average ROI of 20% or more. Along with federal, state, and local tax incentives, homeowners that go solar benefit from greater long-term savings.

Solar panels are incredibly durable and can last for years. They're also very easy to maintain, only needing an occasional wash for dust and dirt on your panels. Solar roofing also helps to protect your roof underneath and serves as a great addition if your roof was recently renovated.

Freedom From the Grid
Solar panel installation brings you ever closer to being fully energy independent. If you choose to pair your solar roofing with a solar battery, you'll be fully powered during disasters or at times when your solar panels can't power your home.

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How Semper Solaris Helps You Go Solar
Semper Solaris is upright in making sure all solar projects are done with first-class customer service and excellent solar installation. Here's a breakdown of our process:

Home Examination
From the moment that you book a free consultation with us, our solar experts are in motion. We'll dispatch a team of professionals to examine your home's potential for solar paneling. This includes analyzing your roof's exposure to the sun, the climate, and your home's energy use.

We'll also verify the strength of your roof and, if necessary, recommend it be replaced before solar panel installation.

Design and Estimate
Then, our solar team will provide you with a detailed estimate that identifies key factors. These include the output of your ideal solar system and an estimation of how soon your system will pay itself off. More, we personalize every solar system, selecting the most fitting solar panel components for your roof.

Florida Tax Incentives
Once the design and estimates are finalized, we'll help you apply for federal, state, and local incentives. These include a 30% solar tax credit, Florida's net metering program, and PACE financing. By the end of it all, the overall cost of your solar system will be far lower.

At this point, we'll begin the actual installation process. This includes transporting panels to the site, as well as mounting and racking the panels. During this stage in the process, we'll also install your solar battery if you opted for one. If you choose to enroll in the net metering program, we'll connect your home to the utility grid instead.

Final Inspection and Permit Approval
Finally, we'll send our solar experts out to conduct a final examination of your solar roofing and ensure it's working soundly. On the same day, we also schedule city inspectors to visit the property, as well as working with them to approve all permits.


At Semper Solaris, we have built our reputation on trust, outstanding customer service and Our "Made in America" products. Our state-of-the-art solar panels and equipment from industry leaders Silfab and Q Cells are the most efficient, durable, solar PV systems in the world.
-Tested for toughness in extreme conditions.
-Reliable with a proven track record
-Highest efficiency ratings
-Highest Environmental and safety standards

Support for American businesses is important to us and to the military veterans who work for our company. They are helping the economy, helping the planet, anon the whole, helping America make the move to solar power one rooftop at a time.


We at Semper Solaris are energy experts. We understand the importance of saving money for your family. And we know how much you will save. Florida's frequent power outages present a problem that calls for solar equipment that is solid, dependable, and installed by the most experienced and skilled team of technicians. Our team will build your solar power system for the highest savings, with the worst-case scenario in mind.

Here at Semper Solaris we pride ourselves on first-rate customer care and top-notch service. Also by delivering friendly reliable support to our customers, 24/7. We do our best to see that our customers are satisfied. You can count on Semper Solaris, your best choice for going solar in Florida.

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Solar Questions

Short answer is Yes! We prefer to use the best Solar Panels made in America.

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The short answer is YES they do. Although, given the cloud cover and weather exposure and the time of the year, the annual yield might be slightly less than what you would see in the summertime. However, solar panels can be more efficient in colder temperatures depending on location. No matter the weather conditions, Semper Solaris has experience designing solar panel systems to endure cold weather conditions.

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The number of solar panels that you need will vary depending on the amount of your electric bill. The average home in a sunny climate typically needs anywhere from 18-20 panels and will usually offset an electric bill of about $200 a month.

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If, by any chance, there are issues with your panels, we try to troubleshoot with you through the phone remotely. If that does not work, we try to get one of our technicians out there by the next day, or sometimes the same day. If the problem still persists, please fill out our schedule service form.

After your installation is complete, we then need to coordinate with the local jurisdiction to have your system inspected. We will meet with the city or county representatives on-site the day of the inspection and get it signed off so we can have all of our permits balanced.

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We are upon the best Solar Panel Installation Company in Florida, we are more than just your average solar panel company. With years of experience and a genuine passion for renewable energy, we are here to help Florida residents embrace the sun's abundant energy and enjoy the numerous benefits of going solar. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring that homeowners like you have a smooth and satisfying experience. We are truly passionate about helping Florida residents embrace solar energy, make a positive impact on the environment, and support American jobs and manufacturing.

At our company, we take pride in delivering a personal touch to every solar installation project. Our dedicated team of experts understands the unique needs of Florida homeowners and works closely with you to design a solar system that maximizes energy production while seamlessly integrating with your home's architecture. Get Solar Panels in Florida installed by the top solar company.

Helping the Planet Go Green Since 2012, Veteran Owned

By harnessing the power of solar energy, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills and make a positive impact on the environment. Florida's ample sunshine provides an ideal environment for solar panels to generate clean and renewable energy. Our top-quality solar panels, sourced from trusted manufacturers, are designed to withstand the state's weather conditions and provide reliable energy production for years to come.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we stay up to date with the latest advancements in solar technology. Our team of skilled installers utilizes industry-leading techniques and equipment to ensure precise and efficient solar panel installations. We handle all aspects of the process, from conducting site assessments to obtaining permits, to make going solar a hassle-free experience for you.