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WHAT IS SOLAR ENERGY In Florida, the sunlight that reaches Earth is a valuable source of renewable energy. This sunlight is comprised of 50% visible light, 45% infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, and electromagnetic radiation. Through the use of solar technology, this energy can be captured in the form of thermal or electric power. Flat plate collectors are commonly used in solar heating to capture the sun's energy and convert it to thermal energy. For electric energy, photovoltaic cells are used to directl . . .

Learn more about how to save on energy at the bottom of this article. Tampa's utility provider to increase bills in April: After January's record rate hike TECO is once again raising electricity rates. This time Tampa's residents can expect their energy bills to increase by 10%. This brings electricity cost to an all-time high for Tampa's residents. Florida approves utility rate hikes The Florida Public Service Commission approved Tampa Electric company's proposal of charges that includes fuel and $13 . . .