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BREAKING NEWS! The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended!
BREAKING NEWS! The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended!
BREAKING NEWS! The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended!
BREAKING NEWS! The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended!
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What is better than Solar Power in Tampa Bay?

Solar backup batteries paired with your solar panels give you more ways to use your solar energy. Solar panels generate power during the day when the sun is shining. Excess energy goes back to the grid through Net metering. You get credits for the kilowatt-hours on your bill. Then you pull electricity from the grid at night. During a power outage, your solar panels disconnect from the grid, leaving you in the dark.

If you have a solar backup battery, you avoid the back and forth with the power grid. Your battery harvests the excess power and stores it for later use. You can use this power at night when your panels are not producing, instead of relying on expensive electricity from the grid. But here is where the real difference lies if you have a backup battery. In an outage, your solar system disconnects from the grid but instead of shutting down, your backup battery takes over and supplies power to your home without interruption. You will have peace of mind with a solar backup battery from Semper Solaris. We won't leave you in the dark.

Why you need A Solar Backup Battery in Tampa Bay

Solar power batteries are a necessary addition to solar panels due to frequent power outages in Tampa Bay. Your solar panels disconnect from the grid during a power outage unless you have battery storage. Additional storage allows you to use your stored electricity whenever you need it without interruption. Free yourself from reliance on the grid and be ready for emergencies with solar battery backup storage from Semper Solaris.

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Is a Backup Battery Cost-Effective?

If you are in a zone like Tampa Bay, whether solar battery storage is cost-effective depends on whether you need power during an outage or have other means of living with the outage. Most people with solar think it is worth it for the safety of their family. For saving more money using stored power, you will benefit from a solar battery. Other popular ways of using a solar battery are storing power at low-rate times, then selling it back to the grid at the regular rate. You can make a little extra money while paying next to nothing for your electricity.

Then some are looking to the future for off-grid living. It could be a valuable trial run experience. Learn by doing and be ready when you pull the plug. And a recent development, EV charging is another interest people have for the future. EV chargers for your home will save money but require more solar panels. We can help you make the best decision for your energy needs now and for your future.

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It's the hidden key to lowering bills while providing uninterrupted power - even during a blackout!

Tesla Powerwall System Installed

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An emergency battery backup system allows you to store energy to power your home when the worst happens. If a natural disaster or blackout knocks out the grid, you will have seamless energy to keep:

Infographic: if power goes out be ready with a batttery storage that can power your home to keep perishables cold, coffee hot, phones charged, medical equipement running
number two with arrow LOWERED ENERGY COSTS

Besides substantially reducing or even eliminating your energy bill, you can sell excess stored energy back to the utility company at higher rates during peak hours - up to 50% more than off-peak rates


Solar Panels usually produce more electricity than your home can use in a day. Without utilizing a battery backup system, all that harvest energy essentially goes to waste. The smart-play is using your investment to the fullest!


Breaking free from the traditional grid is now possible! Stay ahead of the game no matter how high rates rise! With solar + battery backup, off-grid lifestyles are not only a possibility, but the future


By generating your own energy and reducing your carbon footprint, you're creating clean electricity that reduces stress on the planet while reducing stress on your budget.

Maximize the power of Solar Backup

Having the right type of batteries, the right size, and set up for your situation is where the value of a solar backup lies. First, we will need to calculate the solar panel capacity and your average energy use. Then we need to set up your emergency system with either the entire home or only the essential circuits like refrigerator, lights, Wi-Fi, etc. Add to that the possibility of an EV charging station so we get a complete picture. We will match the right size battery with the expected capacity of your system.

We use the highest quality lithium-ion smart solar batteries produced by the industry leaders in home solar batteries, Tesla, and Enphase. Inferior or faulty batteries can be a safety concern. Trained and certified technicians install all our solar batteries. They will set up your solar battery correctly and test it for safety. Then you will have reliable backup power and not be at the mercy of your utility provider. That's called energy security.

Semper Solaris, Backing You up 24/7

With a backup solar storage battery from Semper Solaris, your power supply will be there when you need it the most. It will help you weather the storm during a blackout or emergency. Beyond that, it is important to prepare for an emergency with food, water, and other necessities. Your survival may depend on it. We value our customers and their safety. Call Semper Solaris with any questions you may have. We are here to support your solar journey.

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By partnering with only the most reputable manufacturers for Battery Storage products, Semper Solaris is able to provide you with THE BEST BATTERY STORAGE Solutions in the industry! Contact us now to start your Battery Storage Installation!

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